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Children’s Views

We have been asking children some questions to really get them thinking and to encourage them to respond with their own ideas and words. We recently asked the children at Bowerdean this question.


‘What do you need to survive in life?’


These are some of the things they said from a perspective of a three and four year old;

  • Taps –  Children felt this was very important as obviously this is where we get water from
  • A garden – So that we can have fresh air and play outside
  • A mobile phone – So that we can keep in touch with our families when we are not with them
  • Friends – so that we have someone to play with


During our discussion times when we are listening to the views of children we acknowledge everything they say so that they feel confident and valued. There are no right or wrong answers to any of the questions we pose when we are using thinking power!


We often ask children their opinions about different philosophical questions. Perhaps as parents you might try some of the following questions at home and discuss with your child different viewpoints;


‘Can a pet be a friend?’                         

‘Should we have nursery at the weekend?’                

‘Is TV a good or a bad thing?’       

‘Why do we read books?’          

‘What sort of food is good for you?’

Let us know if your children tell you some amazing things that you might share with us!