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British Values

Fundamental British Values

The fundamental British values of democracy, rule of law, individual liberty, mutual respect and tolerance for those with different faiths and beliefs are already implicitly embedded in the 2014 Early Years Foundation Stage. The nursery plans for learning opportunities especially in the area of personal social and emotional development. We also plan and provide many opportunities for children to develop positive ‘Characteristics of Effective Learning’ which is essential for children’s well-being and promotes the principles of British Values. As a Rights Respecting accredited school we actively promote British Values.


Here are some examples of how we approach these values.



  • Children are encouraged to know their views, value each other’s views and talk about their feelings for example during carpet times or when they are discussing stories.
  • Children’s views are listened to and participation is valued. When staff plan activities they include children’s interests and ideas.


Rule of Law

  • We encourage children with turn-taking, sharing and collaboration for example as they play with toys and take turns on bicycles during outside play.
  • Expectations for children’s behaviour are appropriate to their age and children are encouraged to cooperate for example as they wash hands before eating a snack.
  • We encourage children to understand their own behaviour and actions and learn the difference between right and wrong. During circle times we talk about feelings and encourage children to develop a growing sense of being considerate to others.


Individual Liberty

  • The nursery is a place where all questions are valued and children are encouraged to develop enquiring minds. Staff praise children for their efforts and value their work for example as they display children’s individual achievements.
  • We encourage children to develop a positive sense of themselves for example by providing challenges such as carrying out ‘tricky’ jigsaws. We always praise children for ‘having a go.’


Mutual Respect and Tolerance

  • We have an inclusive nursery where diversity is celebrated. Children play with toys and resources that reflect a broad society for example in the home corner. We also ensure that our books present positive images of gender, ethnicity, age, disability and cultures.
  • We actively celebrate differences by for example Chinese New Year and Diwali. We also celebrate special times in the Christian calendar such as Easter and Christmas.